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Yesterday - Journal of Omnifarious

Sep. 21st, 2003

12:02 pm - Yesterday

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I went to the Renaissance Festival on Saturday with svairini, nightspell, rosencrantz319, lurana, and maatnofret. It was a fantastic day for it, and apparently everybody else thought so too. It was incredibly busy.

We went and caught several good shows, and since half of us are unemployed or have been so recently, we mostly just drooled over stuff in the vendors booths, though nightspell bought some amusingly appropriate fairy accouterments, and svairini bought a nice mug and a pretty dangly bit for her wrist. :-)

The highlight for us though, was "The Dancing Ammala Sisters Show", a bellydancing troupe. They were good dancers, but the thing that made everybody's day was their bit where they grabbed two people from the audience so they can have a contest to see which of the sisters is a better dance instructor. See, I was one of those people.

I don't dance in public. This has been something I've been wanting to change a bit for a lot of reasons, but it's still largely true. I also don't dance at all well, which is the biggest reason I don't dance in public.

In contrast to how I may have felt in the past, I was not shocked and horrified and having been picked. It may have helped that I was picked by the most attractive dancer, but I doubt that was it. :-) I got up on stage and tried my hardest. While I wasn't paying him much attention at all, the other guy apparently didn't try very hard. I won the audience vote as to who was the better dancer. I quietly voiced my apprehension to the dancer, and she was very encouraging, which helped a lot. :-)

My friends all thought this was very humorous, and got pictures. They aren't digital, but I'm sure someone will scan them. :-) I was just proud of myself for trying. :-)

I even got a nice pin reading "Undulate in Public" out of the deal. :-)

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