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Rocky Horror - Journal of Omnifarious

Nov. 1st, 2003

12:28 am - Rocky Horror

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I went to see "Rocky Horror Picture Show" at the Riverview with svairini this evening. We talked a lot, especially after the show. I wish I knew more of the lines you're supposed to shout at the screen. I couldn't pick them up from the people shouting them. Apparently the lines evolve over time, or vary geographically.

I could've gone to a party held by people I don't know very well. If I weren't leaving soon for Seattle, I would've placed a higher priority on that. But now, I prefer re-affirming connections with friends I have here to making new ones only to lose them after I move.

Besides, I always feel vaguely lame for not having a costume. I try to come up with a really creative 'virtual costume' to cover, but there are only so many good virtual costume ideas. I can re-use old ones with new groups of people, but then I know that it's an old idea, and it still doesn't work. :-)

Current Mood: [mood icon] tired