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They came, they saw, they moved - Journal of Omnifarious

Nov. 5th, 2003

12:34 pm - They came, they saw, they moved

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I got very little sleep last night, and then the movers came. They did an excellent job, as far as I could tell. I don't think I was the most disorganized person they ever had to deal with. In fact, I think I was about average.

My main computer is gone now though. I'm down to using my laptop to work on. I'm glad I went to all the effort to make it a mobile development platform. My workstation won't be around for me to use until I have a permanent residence in Seattle. My server is still here and working fine, so I can still, after a fashion, get email and stuff, but the email client for the Mac isn't that great for how I use email. :-(

Since my bed ended up as the storage ground for everything that didn't get moved, my bed will need a lot of work to be slept in later. *sigh*

I'm extremely tired. I want to see the new Matrix movie. We'll see how both of those problems resolve themselves. I'm not much in the mood to tackle anything more than that right now.

Current Mood: [mood icon] exhausted