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Music - Journal of Omnifarious

Nov. 13th, 2003

08:26 am - Music

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Sometimes, music can be like a river, passing by before your ears, never the same twice. You submerge your mind in its depths, letting the patterns and the chaos fill your mind with their strangely harmonious, never repeating mixture.

Sometimes, music can be like a crystal. A beautiful thing, always the same. Perhaps you have change, but the crystal, with its perfections and flaws has not, and if you let your mind free to absorb the shape of the crystal with all of your attention, it is always the same shape.

Music of the first sort, is music performed live.

Music of the second sort, is recorded music.

The way the business of music works, we almost always only hear the second sort, and rarely the first.

Today, I listened to a lot of music I liked, but didn't know what was. It was recorded, but for me, it was ephemeral, as I'll be unlikely to ever capture some of those pieces again. The fact that I liked a lot of it, and I would never hear it again made me reflect.

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