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A boting event chronicle - Journal of Omnifarious

Dec. 27th, 2003

11:12 pm - A boting event chronicle

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I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas in my apartment. I didn't feel much like going out on Christmas Eve, and doing so on Christmas would've been pointless.

One big annoyance is that my Internet connection stopped working on Christmas Eve evening. No distractions for Christmas. Not even a book I hadn't already read. I did do some unpacking, and I copied all the data off of my laptop onto my main computer, and wiped it off the laptop.


On Friday, I went to work, then popped back home over lunch (I love working close enough to home to do that) to check to make sure the ISP people had gotten my Internet connection working again. I found some very nice presents from rosencrantz319 and elizabetta1 in my mailbox. Then, after work, I headed to the Apple store again to drop off my laptop for repair, and use the gifts.

I got myself these things:

Thank you very much rosencrantz319 and elizabetta1! :-)

Friday evening

On Friday evening, after I got back from the Apple store, someone I from Seattle I had been exchanging lots of email with invited me to hang out at a nightclub during their Salsa night. All the way in the part of town I was just in. I took a cab this time. :-)

She's from Mexico, and her name is Maria. She's been interesting to email, and was very interesting to talk to at the club as well. I actually danced with her. I do not like freeform club dancing where it seems that one is supposed to creatively bounce to the music, but she also taught me a few dances with steps, and I can do much better there. :-) Perhaps she will teach me more sometime. :-) If I learn a few different dance forms, I bet I could do a good job of synthesizing and integrating them on the fly into something that I felt was worth looking at. :-)


On Saturday, I helped ladon13, and her husband move into their new house. We didn't get it all done, but we got a lot of it done, and they have more people who will come over and help them tomorrow.

They treated me to pizza, and dinner at a nice Mexican restaurant called "Azteca". I also got to meet a couple of their friends. :-)

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