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50 First Dates - Journal of Omnifarious

Mar. 9th, 2004

12:41 am - 50 First Dates

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I just saw that movie this evening. It was a really sweet love story. Some of Adam Sandler's humor didn't fit it well, but it was otherwise a pretty enjoyable movie.

It's about this guy who lives in Hawaii, and is afraid of commitment, so he keeps finding single female tourists to give wonderful memories to. He's not evil about it, and the tourists are actually getting what they want, even if they don't admit it. But it is kind of hollow. But he wants to sail off somewhere and do research on walruses in Alaska. He's building himself a boat to do it, and he's afraid of being tied down.

Then, he meets this women who lives in Hawaii. He falls for her almost immediately. She is very sweet. But, she has a problem. She doesn't record any of her short and medium term memories in her long term memory when she sleeps. So, every morning when she wakes up, she thinks it's the same day, and she does the same thing. It's been happening for several months.

They show a funny and heartbreaking scene where her father does everything just as it had been done on that day so she's happy and content to celebrate her father's birthday over, and over. He repaints his garage back to white every evening so she can paint it for him again the next day. He throws away the cake. He unfreezes another pineapple. He has a whole shed full of newspapers from that day. He feels guilty because he was the one that was driving the car when they had the accident that caused this problem.

And this guy, who loves her, has to get her to fall in love with him every day. And he does it, day after day, silly trick after silly trick. Even her father decides he's a good guy after awhile, and that he really has his daughter's best interests at heart.

It's a sweet, marvelous (but also very sad and poignant) romantic comedy. I think, actually, that Drew Barrymore is the person who makes it that way. I cried several times during it. :-) It was much better than even Anger Management, which was also better than I expected it to be.

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Date:March 9th, 2004 03:44 am (UTC)
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Date:March 9th, 2004 05:04 am (UTC)

I feel really embarassed now. I went and re-edited it. That's why it was so much better than I expected. I largely expect vaguely vapid trash from Ben Stiller. I have a somewhat higher standard for what I expect from Adam Sandler, but this movie rose above that as well.

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