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Time for bed - Journal of Omnifarious

Jul. 13th, 2002

02:09 am - Time for bed

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Well, I had a nice day. I got a fair amount done at work. Not a huge amount, but enough to feel like I did something.

I had the support people compliment me hugely. I came over to them and talked about a problem one of our customers is having. I explained the different aspects of the problem in great detail. They told me afterwards that their understanding had increased 10-fold in that half-hour. :-)

After work, I biked home, then went out to Nicollet Island with svairini, and yauvanzri. I played chess with yauvanzri, and presentl accozzaglia joined us. maatnofret, and our friend Scott joined us later after they had sushi. I then was annoyed by my incompetence at an Indian card game that vaguely resembled euchre. After that, we all went to a movie. They all saw "Minority Report", which I had seen before, and I went to see "MIB II".

It was a fun evening, overall.

I'm going to miss svairini a lot when she goes to CA.

I wonder why I just put a simple report in here. I think, maybe, sometimes it's what's easiest. And, I think that though my emotions are immediate, my understanding of them, and ability to fit a story to them is not.

Some philosophers define consciousness as the story we're always telling ourselves about what we're doing or thinking and why. There are numerous studies to show that the thought or rationale for an action often follows the action. It doesn't come before.

Perhaps that's part of Taoism's attraction for me. It accepts this basic fact of human existence and weaves it into a philosophy of life.

Or, perhaps, I'm just avoiding telling anybody how I think or feel. :-) I'm sure that's the case often too.

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