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Short story - Journal of Omnifarious

Mar. 31st, 2004

02:25 pm - Short story

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For some reason, I never post about stuff like this. It all feels like the noise of day-to-day living. But, that's what most other people seem to post about, and I'm not really up to writing a story or poem every day.

I ordered several books from Amazon recently. Partly because a woman in CA who I've been having a fun email exchange with tends to call herself "Lapis Lazuli" after a character from "Time Enough for Love", which I've never read. Having read a lot of Heinlein, then encountering someone I like who names herself after a Heinlein character who I've never heard of, I naturally feel compelled to purchase the book. :-)

I ordered it about 1.5 weeks ago, and chose super saver shipping. This doesn't have any delivery time guarantees, but they do give you an estimated arrival time. They tell me it will arrive on March 24th or 25th. They give me a tracking number for Airborne Express Home.

I follow the package, and it turns out that Airborne Express Home relies on the US post office to do the last mile delivery. It arrives in Kent, WA on March 24rd. On March 27th, the post office gets around to delivering it to me in Seattle.

But, unlike every other place that I've had ship me things here (I've gotten about 5 packages since I moved in), the post office guy can't be bothered to go up to the management office and drop it off. No, he leaves a note telling me I have to find the post office and get it there.

This annoys me no end, so I call the post office and verify that it's there, and complain a little about having to talk down there, which the person on the phone blows off. I get off the phone, and think for awhile. Then I call them back and asks what happens if I don't pick it up. She tells me that they ship it back. I told her that if they couldn't deliver it to the management office in my building, I'd prefer they shipped it back. She says "there's a management office in your building that will receive packages"? I tell her there is one, and she promises they'll try to deliver it again.

*laugh* They've known that for a long time. I talked to the management office about it, and she said whether or not the actually bring the package up there largely depends on the whims of that particular postman.

So, we'll see.

I sent a letter to Amazon customer service complaining about the shipper we chose. I also complained about their website, and offered my help and amazon email address if they wanted help in fixing the particular feature (preserving paragraph breaks in customer service email) so it would work correctly.

Anyway, that's my morning mini-drama. Very exciting, let me tell you. :-)

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Date:March 31st, 2004 06:37 pm (UTC)
Welcome to companies owned by Deutche Post (the owners of DHL and DHL Danzas)
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