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Sent out invitations - Journal of Omnifarious

Jul. 14th, 2002

11:46 am - Sent out invitations

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I sent out invitations for the party that maatnofret and I have been talking about since May. Now we're all committed. And, the timing worked so that it could be a birthday party for lots of people.

Any of you who are on my invite list, I hope you all come. It'll be fun, even if just for all the other people who are coming.

Otherwise, it was a lazy Saturday. I did go out with rosencrantz319 and lurana, first to listen to a friend of hers play the piano at a restaurant. He was good, but the environment and instrument were not conducive to showing that off. Then we went to see MIB II, me for the second time. It was fun. Not really worth seeing a second time, but it was fun to see it with friends.

Current Mood: [mood icon] pleased
Current Music: Dyna - Disease