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Silly idea - Journal of Omnifarious

Apr. 28th, 2004

10:47 pm - Silly idea

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I had a drink called "The Rising Sun" today. It was an interesting drink, but in drinking it, I had a very silly idea.

A drink with a name like that should glow. And you could make it glow pretty easily nowadays. You can get LEDs the you can put in the drink. You could probably get a yellow one pretty easily.

But, in the glass I was served it in, a plastic cubic ice-cube would've been too bulky. You would really prefer something smaller, which is no problem for the LED + battery. But, the problem with something smaller is that you might swallow it. Still, it should be pretty easy to encase it in a little plastic pill so even if you swallowed it, you'd be fine. The only problem is a few hours later, when there's an unexpected glow....

At that point, I started cracking up laughing for no reason that was readily apparent to anybody else. :-)

Current Mood: [mood icon] amused