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Wow, I didn't believe anybody would stoop to this - Journal of Omnifarious

Oct. 13th, 2004

12:18 am - Wow, I didn't believe anybody would stoop to this

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Democratic voting registrations were deliberately destroyed. This is an actual news story featuring reports by eyewitnesses and stuff, not some speculative theory someone has about why something happened.

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Date:October 13th, 2004 07:18 am (UTC)
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Date:October 13th, 2004 07:33 am (UTC)

I kind of feel the same way. I don't care which party they were favoring. I think it's a horrible mistake to ask about party affiliation on voter registration forms anyway for exactly these sorts of reasons.

Messing with the process in that way is... It's fundamentally destabilizing to our democracy. They ultimately risk violent civil unrest by doing what they're (probably still) doing.

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Date:October 13th, 2004 12:48 pm (UTC)
They moved on to Oregon, where there are lots of trees.

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