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Thoughts on a planeride: Mediums of exchange - Journal of Omnifarious

Dec. 19th, 2004

09:43 pm - Thoughts on a planeride: Mediums of exchange

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I was thinking about mediums of exchange, like currency. And I think that any medium of exchange, in order to be fully useful, must be able to be stolen.

The basic reason I decided this has to do with another set of thoughts I've had about evolution versus human societies. Basically, someone who can't succeed within the framework of a given society is not necessarily evolutionarily unfit because the human society warps the reality of things, it's an all-pervasive situation that alters the environment that someone is trying to succeed in.

So, mediums of exchange, in themselves, cannot build into themselves the rules of ownership and property that a particular society subscribes to. In order to be fully useful, they must be able to support any such set of rules. This means, that under some sets of rules, they will be able to be stolen.

These rules evolve and change. If they were encoded into the medium of exchange, this evolution would be impossible. They would be tied together in a way that was very unhealthy for both.

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