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Stupid spammer - Journal of Omnifarious

Jun. 7th, 2005

01:13 pm - Stupid spammer

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I've recently been getting spam from a spamhouse called EZRecruit. It's basically job listings they culled from their database by doing a stupid keyword match against my résumé. At the bottom, they claim I somehow requested this automated flood, and offer to take me off the list of I click a link, and really, it's NOT SPAM. Hah!

Most of the email comes from, so I put in a firewall rule preventing them from connecting to my email server. I may spend the time to figure out how to make a Postfix access control checking program so I can kill off this kind of thing in the future with a nasty message for their email admin.

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Date:June 9th, 2005 10:43 pm (UTC)

spammers grr

I agree. this week I am getting a few spams every day warning me that my account will be shut off... they are spoofing various nonexistent addresses like admin, security, etc @plethora.net with a variety of zip attachements.
Since we OWN this isp and don't Have those address I knew it was spam but I haven't figured out how to block it with my wimpy email since it believes the spoof. the last msg just told me my account was suspended...? then how did i get his spam???
i sent emails to the person at udallas.edu,and our friend the admin and haven't gotten a response from either yet.

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