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What an exhausting day - Journal of Omnifarious

Jun. 25th, 2005

11:48 pm - What an exhausting day

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I moved a whole bunch of stuff from my old apartment to my new place today. It was exhausting work. Among the things moved was all my computer equipment.

rainonthewind, and ladon13 were both a big help. They packed a lot of stuff carried a box or three, and provided the cars. :-)

My server and firewall are all set up now. Mail and the talker and things should all be back to normal. In fact, they should be a bit better since I added a UPS. :-) But, I haven't gotten any mail in awhile, so maybe something is wrong.


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Date:June 26th, 2005 10:18 am (UTC)
as I said yesterday, you are very welcome and let me know if you still need help later (I need to get some stuff done here...like laundry or I'm going to work nekked (eeewww)).

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