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I have more of a network! - Journal of Omnifarious

Jun. 27th, 2005

12:06 am - I have more of a network!

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Well, I spent many hours fetching supplies (well, letting rainonthewind drive me around to fetch them) then finishing up packing my apartment (again finished in great part with rainonthewind's generous assistance) for the movers. Now I've spend the last three hours crimping and running cable.

And, after a few false starts, it all works! My workstations aren't up and running quite yet, and I may or may not get that done before I go to bed this evening. But the cable's all been run, and I'm no longer parasitizing a nice neighbor's open wireless network in order to use my laptop.

I'm very pleased with myself. :-)

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Date:June 29th, 2005 04:49 pm (UTC)
lol. That's wonderful. When I first moved into my new apartment... that's how I had internet the first night... My neighbors upstairs had (and continue to have) an unsecured wireless network...

People are silly.
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Date:June 29th, 2005 10:48 pm (UTC)

*smile* I intend to set up a seemingly insecure wireless network. But, unless you're using an IPSEC tunnel to my firewall, it will rate limit your connections to what you'd get with a 56k modem. It will also disallow outgoing connections to other people's mail servers so I won't become an unwitting source of spam.

I want to provide public access to the Internet, but I don't want it to inconvenience me. :-)

Those rules will be a pain to setup though.

The neighbor's network had a largely unsecured Windows box on it. I portscanned it as one of the first things I did when I discovered it. :-)

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