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More interesting than most quizzes I think - Journal of Omnifarious

Sep. 21st, 2005

06:01 am - More interesting than most quizzes I think

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LJ Interests meme results

  1. computer games:
    *chuckle* Well, I have a big collection, but what I can play has been a bit restricted since I generally only play games now that run on Linux. I should get a good DOS emulator so I can play some of my older stuff again.
  2. cryptanalysis:
    Well, not so much interested in doing it as learning the results. I use cryptography in some of my programming, and I like knowing which algorithms are broken so I can stop using them.
  3. emergent behavior:
    Anthills, flocks, many small programs interacting on a large network, proteins, cells, etc... Understanding how complex behavior can arise from simple, predictable interactions is the key to understanding a lot of important things.
  4. geek girls:
    I don't think this needs much explanation. :-) The more intelligent the better really.
  5. linux:
    It's the OS I use on all my computers. I'm not so attached to it as I am do the idea of Free (aka Open Source) Software. I think that such licensing is the only ethical licensing for software.
  6. ogg:
    A media format, mostly used for audio right now, but it can also be used for video. The sound quality is better than mp3, and the algorithms are free of DRM (digital rights management, the stuff that tries to tell you that you don't really own what you bought and are only allowed to do certain things with it) and patent encumberances. So, no being tied to some particular companies implementation.
  7. politics:
    Heinlein quote: "Politics is only slightly less important than the beating of your own heart.". Our leaders have the power of life and death over us. We ought to pay attention to what they're doing.
  8. science:
    How do we get off this rock anyway? How are we ever going to live long enough to make interstellar travel a practical fact of life instead of a grand dream and oddysey? Besides, I like knowing how the world works.
  9. transhumans:
    Humanity will control its own evolution (and has had limited control for a long time). This means that someday, we will likely be a lot different than we are now in some fundamental ways, and it will be our choice.
  10. :
    Women, need I say more? *grin* Ties in nicely with 'geek girls' up above there. :-)

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