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Excellent article - Journal of Omnifarious

Mar. 7th, 2006

03:54 pm - Excellent article

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Date:March 8th, 2006 03:17 am (UTC)
Fair points. I meant good on the level of who can become president. Because a truly good president cannot get elected, so I don't hold out for that. But he seemed about as good as we could get.

Although I am in favor of a national health care system. We already sold out all of our health care rights when we made health care depend on health insurance. The government is at least more fair than health insurance companies, and more people would be covered. Unfair and badly run health care is still better than no health care at all.

And most people cannot afford to simply save up enough to cover any medical emergency that might happen. Especially not with the minimum wage as low as it is.

Besides, we're wasting money by not allowing preventative care. I'm an example of that. They put me on disability back in 2003, but wouldn't give me health care til 2005. In 2003, my vision was probably fixable with surgery. In 2005, when I got the surgery, it was permanently damaged by waiting. They will happily keep me on disability for the rest of my life because I am legally blind. They paid for the surgery. But they wouldn't pay for the surgery 2 years earlier to fix my eyes so that I wouldn't be legally blind. And it was probably a more expensive surgery that they paid for, because the problem had become more severe. It was a problem that could not be resolved without surgery. The situation was clear. The government waited 2 and a half years. And now I'll be blind for the rest of my life. Badly, badly managed.
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