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More grandpa - Journal of Omnifarious

Aug. 9th, 2002

12:38 pm - More grandpa

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Well, the funeral is all planned now. It's going to be at 13:30 on Monday at the Lakewood cemetary chapel. My grandma seems OK, my aunt Janet seems OK. Everybody else seems OK. So, I also feel OK (hence the mood icon).

We've picked out a bunch of things about how the funeral will go. I've asked maatnofret to sing at it. I think it will all go well. I'm still a bit worried about Grandma, but I think she'll do OK.

If any of you knew my family, or want to attend because you know me, you're welcome to, just let me know in advance. Yes, rosencrantz319, I know you'll be there. My Grandma's (or maybe my Aunt's) comment was "Well, it wouldn't be complete without <insert RL name of rosencrantz319 here>!".

Current Mood: [mood icon] okay