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I've been feeling very reclusive - Journal of Omnifarious

Oct. 2nd, 2006

01:20 pm - I've been feeling very reclusive

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I 've been feeling really reclusive these past couple of weeks. That following a period of being wildly social. I'm finding energy to do programming things again which I'd been having a really hard time mustering for awhile. Anyway, just explaining why I haven't been posting for awhile then you suddenly get a whole bunch of posts. :-)

I've changed my default user icon as well from being the happy smiley koosh to being something a little less representative of me in general, but more representative of my current feelings towards LJ.

The creation of and ad-powered 'Plus' level for LJ annoyed me, but since there was a promise that nobody but 'Plus' level users would ever see any ads, I was fine with it. Little did I realize the pervasive influence this kind of thing has on a site. Now LJ is adding more 'sponsored' stuff including 'sponsored communities'.

I think sponsored communities are the worst offense as they are an attempt to make a corporate voice seem like a human one. This is also known as astroturfing. I can't believe that the people running LJ let this right in through the front door. It's little better than spam.

The other really negative effect they have is to make everybody wonder whether someone is saying something because they that's how they actually feel, or because they're being paid to. That's always a question of course, but allowing things like sponsored communities creates a greater incentive for people to act this way, especially within the community itself since there's a chance that if they're too negative what they say will be deleted.

Anyway, I was intending this entry to be short, but now it has a 3 paragraph rant in it. Oh, well. :-) I guess I'm feeling less reclusive.

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Date:October 2nd, 2006 09:53 pm (UTC)
good to hear from you. even if only to rant on the lj-sponsorship nonsense.
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