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Caving - Journal of Omnifarious

Oct. 7th, 2006

11:35 pm - Caving

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I went caving at Ape Cave near Mt. Saint Helens today. I went with klicrai and her friends Sarah, Kyle and Jason. :-)

It was really interesting inside, and there were some really tricky spots. In one of these spots (an 8-foot high frozen lava waterfall) klicrai fell and hurt her ankle pretty badly. We were about halfway through so we decided to press on. The people behind us were really helpful and gave us a big ace bandage to wrap her ankle up with.

We managed to make it through the rest of the cave despite the fact that she was limping pretty badly. And once we got out, she limped back down the trail to the car. Her ankle may be sprained or fractured. It is likely not broken.

There is a lot of moss on the walls. And we saw the remnants of some sort of organic leftovers. Some weird fungal growth had gone to town on it. I was wondering how the movement of so many humans through the caves affected the cave ecosystem.

Many parts of the ceiling were frozen while dripping, which made for a ceiling that was neat, but quite dangerous to bump your head into. There were ledges and a few side-caves too. And it was pitch-black. We all had head-lamps, but if you turned them off there was no light at all. It was neat, and made the 3 openings to the surface kind of a marvel because of the brightness of the light and how it shown down.

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