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The story of Virtudyne - Journal of Omnifarious

Oct. 13th, 2006

03:35 pm - The story of Virtudyne

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Wow, I thought I'd heard the worst and zaniest of the tech company boondoggle stories, but this one has them all beat. It's longish. A 4 part series each about 15 paragraphs. But it's well worth the read. The company's name isn't Virtudyne of course. It's possible to figure out who it is with enough search engine tenacity, but out of respect for the wishes of the author, I won't reveal the name:

  1. Virtudyne: The Founding
  2. Virtudyne: The Gathering
  3. Virtudyne: The Savior Cometh
  4. Virtudyne: The Digital Donkey

Sometimes I wish I knew a few dumb rich people who I could snow into funding me for some random project idea of mine. Heck, if I managed to convince them not to saddle me with tons of management people I might even be able to give them value back instead of throwing it all away like this place.

Sadly, I feel that separating fools from their money is kind of evil without making them aware of just how long a shot they're betting on.

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