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Terrorism - Journal of Omnifarious

Nov. 10th, 2006

09:19 pm - Terrorism

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The Republicans are incapable of dealing with Islamic terrorism because understanding it requires using the word 'theocracy' and they are currently constitutionally incapable of understanding the word since doing so would require they separate themselves from those in their own party who want theocracy.

And, of course they are way too tied up with various corporate interests that will cause them to pursue policies that are in the interests of those corporations to the detriment of everybody else. Large oil interests consider Islamic terrorism to be largely a nuisance, and they are more interested in there being leaders in all those countries who will roll over and give them what they want. So that's the policy the Republicans will pursue, while using the word "Islamofacist" because they can't say "theocracy".

The Democrats are incapable for a completely different reason. They have rejected the principles of the Enlightenment in favor of blanket tolerance for everyone and everything with no critical analysis whatsoever. They are incapable of calling any organization or group "evil" unless it is perhaps KKK members or Nazis who are sort of grandfathered in. And even then I suspect it makes them uncomfortable.

This is why the Democrats in large part seemed more critical of the Danish newspaper that published the offensive cartoons awhile ago instead of the leaders who incited their people to riot and the people who rioted. Because, after all, the Danish newspaper was being horribly insensitive, and that is more important than holding the right to free speech sacrosanct.

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