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CAKE - Journal of Omnifarious

Dec. 18th, 2006

12:13 am - CAKE

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I've been working on a new protocol spec for CAKE. I know, I have one protocol all implemented, and now I'm re-doing it. Well, the OTR people are to blame. I realized that they are correct in that most people do not expect all of their communications to have the permanence and non-repudiation qualities of a signed contract.

So, I've been redoing things a bit. I've also been getting rid of bit-fields because they're generally overly complex and kind of limiting. Additionally I've stuck something in so that the whole protocol does not have to be re-done if a the cryptographic algorithms it relies on break in some way.

So, lots of documentation and no code. I've been having a really hard time concentrating on anything in particular since I lost my job. And even before that. Too many stressful things happening all at once. *sigh*

But one of my complaints with some protocol oriented open-source efforts has been how little protocol documentation there is and how hard it is to create a clean-room reimplementation from specs. And hopefully my system won't have that problem.

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