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Pan's Labyrinth

This movie was described to me as bloody, and brutal with a lot of squicky scenes.

I guess you can say all those things. But I found it to be profoundly sad and beautiful all at the same time. I thought that was more important than any blood, brutality or squick. Even though the movie has plenty of all of those things. All of those elements, along with elements of fantasy and a child's view of the world. They are woven together masterfully to create a vivid and emotionally moving story.

It's not something I think anybody in Hollywood could ever have managed to make.

The movie also draws some really interesting parallels in various spots. One example: The doctor at one points says that he cannot follow orders without question. The child also balks at following orders she disagrees with without question.

If I thought more I think I could come up with other interesting points. There are definite themes that run through the movie and crop up subtly in many different situations. It doesn't hit you over the head like a hammer, and I bet I didn't even notice most of them. But they're there, and even subliminally help tie the story up within itself and make it better.

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