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Fun with templating - Journal of Omnifarious

Apr. 3rd, 2007

09:00 pm - Fun with templating

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I've been using Python Kid at work as the templating engine for making up a bunch of stock emails that I have to send out as part of various processes. Several of these emails contain information that duplicates information in other email (or even duplicates information in other parts of the same email) and I frequently make a mistake and forget to edit one small snippet or another. So automating generating them seems like it would be a good idea from both a time and accuracy perspective.

Kid seems like just the thing. They even thought of generating old-style HTML with missing close tags and everything. I need this because Lotus Notes is quite evil about HTML mail and it actually doesn't work with XHTML. But I really like the fact that Kid templates are valid XML. It fits my sense of elegance. :-)

Now, if I can only manage to get most of the version control information into Mercurial instead of CVS another bunch of annoying problems would be solved. I hate having to do diffs so manually and not have a way to just point people at a website that will give them a diff of two versions. And I could include a list of all the log messages for a set of changes, which I can't do with CVS since it really has no concept of a discreet transaction.

And I'm going to Norwescon this weekend. Though I will be going out late dancing at my favorite place on Thursday.

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