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Home again home again... - Journal of Omnifarious

Jul. 10th, 2007

08:44 pm - Home again home again...

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... jiggity jig. Though no fat pigs were involved. Or at least, only peripherally as I enjoyed many servings of pork in various forms while in Minneapolis. :-)

I'm kinda tired and worn out now.

Convergence was a lot of fun, and it was good to see so many people I don't get to see often. And it was nice to spend a bunch of time with daisykitten as well.

Not to mention, of course, getting to spend time with rosencrantz319, svairini, maatnofret and lurana. I also got to know waterdusk better, which was a pleasant surprise. :-)

And I have a celebrity crush on Bridget Landry. :-)

Current Mood: [mood icon] exhausted