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I'm mostly moved - Journal of Omnifarious

Dec. 1st, 2007

06:28 pm - I'm mostly moved

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I'm mostly moved. The only thing left is a bunch of trash at the old place. It's pretty ugly, but I called a company to come take care of it. It should be gone tomorrow. Meggan also put up a 'Free Stuff' sign on it, so some of it may disappear sooner.

It appears that Thor intends to give us most of the security deposit back. He's only going to charge us to replace the back door locks and for some minor repair of the numerous tack holes in the bathroom. He seemed relieved that we left without him having to remove all of our stuff for us.

One lesson of having roommates that change over time. They will leave stuff behind and you will then suddenly find yourself owning stuff and having no idea how. I still have some of rainonthewind's things from way back.

Yesterday klicrai, bmfsurivor and our old downstairs neighbor Lori all graciously helped me move stuff. But today there were a few last things left so I hired a cab for a couple of loads. That wasn't quite as expensive as I was worried about.

The new place has a lot of space. I almost certainly can manage to have a roommate if I unpack. I have a lot of space I'm not completely sure what to do with in my bedroom.

Mostly now though, I feel really wrung out and exhausted from all of this. Thank you all for listening to me quietly panic.

BTW, I still don't have Internet access. I'm posting this from a coffee shop and bending my normal rule of no unencrypted traffic on a public wireless network by using Tor. Tor may not really be the best idea because some people who run Tor exit nodes look at all their traffic.

Current Mood: [mood icon] exhausted