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Yay! I can't wait! - Journal of Omnifarious

Sep. 3rd, 2002

01:44 pm - Yay! I can't wait!

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Now there's some almost public domain code that should make it trivial to write an Ogg/Vorbis player for a portable device. I'm quite pleased. I've been wanting a portable Ogg/mp3 player for awhile.

Now that the mp3 people have shown their true colors, and have started asserting their 'ownership' of the format, I hope more and more people switch to Ogg. It's so much better, both technically, and economically/politically.

Now, I have to decide if I'm going to wait for an mp3 free player or not. My reasons for wanting a player that can't play mp3s is that I don't want the $0.75 to make it back to the company that owns the patent. I don't think that's important enough to me, but I'm going to have to think about it a bit.

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Date:September 3rd, 2002 12:10 pm (UTC)
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Date:September 3rd, 2002 12:27 pm (UTC)

Re: I hear ya


As soon as I learn of a specific one, I'll tell you. I know, right now, that the Linux based Sharp Zaurus will play them, but that's a full PDA, not just an mp3/Ogg player, and it's correspondingly expensivish, and probably doesn't use batteries as efficiently as it could.

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