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Ferry writing - Journal of Omnifarious

Jun. 15th, 2008

09:28 pm - Ferry writing

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Sunlight reflects from moving water
forming a bright moving mosaic of light
the patterns resembling ten thousand
bright and beautiful worms writhing
in a living mass on the surface of the ocean.

A beautiful obsession has arisen within me. I do not want it calmed or abated. I wanted it integrated and made a part of who I am.

Specifics in the abstract are so much different than specifics in specific. In the abstract their varied patterns and rich local diversity are muted and in favor of commonalities and global patterns rise to the surface.

Life is lived in the specific and the present and understood in the abstract and after the fact. Attempting to use understanding of the abstract to inform decisions and actions in the specific is at best an approach fraught with imprecision and a kind of fumbling bluntness. The abstract should inform understanding, not action. Action must always be taken on the specific.

This beautiful obsession I talk about is first and foremost this beautiful obsession. It is specific, rich, with its own detail and nuances, and present in the moment.

Of course, this is all very abstract. *grin*

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