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Old TV spot with a modern relevant message - Journal of Omnifarious

Aug. 24th, 2008

07:55 pm - Old TV spot with a modern relevant message

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This TV documentary type spot from 1987 is a really excellent review of various aspects of how our government has come to function. It has a lot of things that are very relevant today, and it's really interesting to see the evolution of our government over the past 20 years, and it's also interesting to see some current politicians (like John Kerry) saying interesting things 20 years ago.

I must say that 20 years ago, I remember it being on. I did not fully appreciate it then. I was 16 at the time this was aired, and had been raised Republican. I had a strong selection bias going then, a bias I am now missing.

On an even more personal note, one of the people in my life who I greatly appreciate is svairini. I feel that she frequently disagrees with my opinions, especially some of my more libertarian inspired ones. But, she never overtly expresses that disagreement unless she gives me a real, worthwhile and thoughtful question to consider.

When talking to others, I try hard to emulate this. People, no matter what their opinions, are people, not sheep or fundies, or Ayn Randians or whatever other pejorative you might choose to label them with today. Making them the 'other' is never helpful.

The willingness of Obama to get up and make a speech in which he avoids this labeling, even for people who clearly hold racist opinions, formed a significant basis for my respect for him as a leader.

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