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The Colbert Flu - Journal of Omnifarious

May. 1st, 2009

09:47 am - The Colbert Flu

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The World Health Organization wants people to stop calling it "the swine flu" citing the fact that middle easterner's feel that swine is unclean. I suspect the real reason is the pork industry, but...

Stephen Colbert is famous for a number of things. And largely I think he's an excellent comedian. I really appreciated his George Bush impersonation a few years ago.

But I do think he should be ashamed of a few things. First he should be ashamed of having his audience attack Wikipedia, and I think he should be ashamed of asking people to stuff a NASA poll to ask that an ISS module be named after him. In both instances he encouraged people to abuse a public resource to make a comic point, and I don't think either instance is OK.

But, as payback, I think we should all start calling "the swine flu" "the Colbert flu". I picked this idea up from a Slashdot article. I want this partly because I can't see how this flu is any more deadly than any other flu that's been spreading around and consequently can't see the reaction of governments world-wide as anything but panic and/or asserting their dominance and giving themselves an apparent reason to exert power. Naming the flu after a comedian is, I think, the appropriate response. Secondly, he deserves it. If he wants an ISS component named after himself as a joke, he can certainly take a joke and have a flu virus named after him.

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Date:May 1st, 2009 07:18 pm (UTC)
I'm not sure you understand what being a comedian means. Conservatives and liberals both send out emails telling their members to pad polls on CNN and Yahoo, so he is making fun of that trend. But I'm not sure you want to help him get even more famous than he already is by naming a flu after him. Huh ? Colbert, unless you tell me otherwise, has never killed anyone, so naming a flu after him, which has killed hundreds, is not logical or congruent.

If you want to reach him, then send him an email expressing your concerns. If he gets enough emails, then he might change his mind on being named after the ISS treadmill, not the module. ISS joked him back. Which is funny BTW. (^:=
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Date:May 1st, 2009 08:56 pm (UTC)

I don't mind him becoming even more famous.

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