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I sympathize with Dick here - Journal of Omnifarious

May. 12th, 2009

03:41 pm - I sympathize with Dick here

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The Daily WTF is a publication I generally really enjoy. Their recent article Java is Slow! is one I sort of take issue with.

I don't like Java or anything to do with it. I've said that before in this blog and I'll say it again. I can write a Python script to print "Hello world!" that takes less time to run than an equivalent Java program.

There are sweet spot for being simple to develop in, speed and language verbosity. Java completely fails to hit any of them. It has many of the ills of a compiled language with regards to how easy it is to develop in, and is even slower in many regards than most interpreted languages, and it's almost as verbose as COBOL.

And many of you will complain that Python is definitely slower than Java and point at benchmarks. The benchmark I care the most about though is "Hello world!", and that's a benchmark Java fails miserably at.

The reason I care so much about that particular benchmark is that Java's miserable failure at it is seen by people who want to use Java as a reason absolutely EVERYTHING should be in Java. Because the JVM is so expensive to start, you should only start it once, and then Java should become your OS.

I'm sorry, but no. Python has a perfectly acceptable VM, and it starts up in 10s of milliseconds or less. It's not compiled, so it's quick and easy to develop in, and maybe it isn't as fast in the long haul, but those other attributes more than make up for it.

If I really care about speed and want to use a compiled language, I will use C++. If I don't and I want a nice, easy to develop in language, I will use Python. Others can use Perl or Ruby if they want to. Java has no reasonable place in the development landscape, and it never will.

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