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Finally, I'm back online *sigh* - Journal of Omnifarious

Nov. 2nd, 2002

06:57 pm - Finally, I'm back online *sigh*

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Finally, my computer works again. *sigh* It took long enough, and it took enough money. I now have a spare GeForce 4 Ti 4600, which is too expensive for anybody to have a spare one of.

The thing that went wrong is my motherboard. Somehow, something about it died. Something having to do with the AGP (graphics) slot. This is why I confused the problem for a graphics problem initially.

Tran Micro, the place I got the motherboard from, wasn't terribly helpful. They took 3 days to figure out the board was bad, and they gave me a replacement board. The replacement was a cheap board, and it was a manufacturer return. It also didn't work.

When I brought the replacement back, the proprietor (Paul, probably an Americanized Vietnamese name) insisted that I was having problems because I hadn't re-installed Windows. I knew that was completely wrong. Partly because I run Linux, and partly because Linux doesn't handle hardware in a way that even faintly resembles Windows. In fact, Linux completely rescans for what hardware you have and what drivers to load for it every time you boot it. So, changing hardware underneath Linux is hardly ever a problem.

But, he was insistent that was the problem. He wanted to keep the machine in the shop for another day so he could use his own HD and install Windows on it and prove to me that it was fine. *sigh* When I came back the next day, they were extremely busy, and couldn't get to it until Monday or Tuesday.

I need my computer to work now. I use this thing for my work. It's the most important tool I own. I can go without computers for extended periods of time if I'm on vacation or am planning on being away for some other reason, but now I have work to do, and I need my computer.

So, I cut a deal. He gave me $50 off of a brand new, KT400 motherboard, and I brought it home and did the work myself. I'm going to the icky motherboard back later. I think I'm going to ask for more money back. I don't think $50 is fair. I'll have to think about what is fair first though. They wanted to wait for the motherboard that I originally had to come back from the manufacturer. That was way too long for me.

I'm kind of disappointed in Tran Micro for their handling of this situation. I'm pleased they honored their warranty in some small way, but I don't think they went far enough. I also had to push really hard to get what I did get.

Lastly, I'm going to now have a policy of having a spare workstation class computer lying around for these occasions. I'll keep it off most of the time. Maybe I'll use it as a spare computer for game playing when I have friends over. That way, when something evil goes wrong, I can switch to something good and not make it an emergency for somebody else.

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