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Frenetic upgrading - Journal of Omnifarious

Dec. 15th, 2002

06:12 pm - Frenetic upgrading

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Well, I've spent my weekend upgrading my computers. I'm hoping to run IPv6 on my internal network. I also wanted my firewall to have some more up-to-date software on it for other reasons. My last need for RedHat 7.3 on any of my systems was getting the RogueWave SourcePro installer to run.

My main computer has been largely down and dead to the world while I do this. This is the longest voluntary outage I think I've had in quite awhile. Running a system that other people use and is on the Internet 24/7 is hard.

As part of this process, I tightened up and carefully planed out my firewall rules. I now have it set up to log things that seem like clearly anti-social behavior. Now I'm discovering all these places doing scans of my network for Windows fileshares and things. I'm wondering if there's some kind of worm out there doing this. Maybe I've discovered another attack that's more intelligent and slower moving than Code Red, and therefor has remained undiscovered. Perhaps it's just part of a pattern generated by a common toolset in use by script kiddies.

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