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Merry Christmas! - Journal of Omnifarious

Dec. 25th, 2002

03:18 pm - Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas everyone!

I'm here in NC with my mom, stepfather and half-sister, greatly enjoying myself. I've spent much of my time making my mother's computer work nicely, but I still have a bunch of time to sit around and do nothing computer related. I should ask someone to haul me somewhere interesting and dump me off to wander for awhile. That would be good.

For lunch today, I'm having some surprisingly good hummus from a local grocery store. I'm also able to avoid worrying about what time I sleep enough that I'm sure I'll be sleeping 7-8 hours a night again by the time I get back. It's easy to avoid caffeine when one has no ready access to coffee shops.

My gifts were well received. My mom's being all the stuff I'm doing to her computer, and some computer equipment. She intends to learn Linux. :-) I managed some gifts that my stepfather enjoyed more than I expected by happenstance browsing with Karen (my half-sister) through the bookstore.

My favorite gift has been a klein bottle hat from my mom. I really like how the Internet makes it worthwhile to produce such esoteric stuff. Even if only 1/100th of a percent of the population could possibly be interested, you don't have to rely on the 1/100th of a percent in your local area. :-)

I'm missing skylark77. We've gotten to talk on the phone and on the computer a bit though, and that's been nice. It would still be nicer if she could be here. I've told my family here about her, and am planning to bring her here then. Arrangements are likely to be a little awkward though, and I'll have to think about how to do it. I'd like her to meet my parents. :-)

I hope svairini is having fun in Florida, and that all my other friends are also having a good time. :-). I hope rosencrantz319 remembers to fill up the water for my bamboo. :-)

Well, enough of this boring account, back to trying to make Linux on my mom's computer read her Windows 2000 NTFS partition. I just now got things working well enough under Linux to be able to post this LJ entry. I post using Logjam under Linux, and have grown so fond of it that the web client annoys me too much to use it to post.

Current Mood: [mood icon] happy