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Airport security, now I don't feel as upset with myself - Journal of Omnifarious

Dec. 25th, 2002

07:59 pm - Airport security, now I don't feel as upset with myself

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I saw this posted in femakitas journal. It contains a link to this article about another's distressing experience with airport security.

I reacted much more strongly to a much less invasive search. I was careful to keep myself from reacting until after the search was done, but it was really hard. I still reacted more strongly than I should've, but I don't feel stupid for not having reacted at all. It is angering, upsetting, and a blatant abuse of authority.

It also won't prevent hijackers in the future. The most they can really do to make planes safer is do what they can to make sure that random people don't carry on a gun. One could easily carry a bomb inside one's stomach or intestines. It useless and stupid, and simply an excuse for 'authorities' to harass you.

For those of you who are wondering at my previous post, I hid it from most because I realized that it was more about me than about airport security.

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