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Incredibly insightful statement by Alan Cox - Journal of Omnifarious

Jan. 13th, 2003

12:28 pm - Incredibly insightful statement by Alan Cox

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Here are a series of statements and replies that I think are very insightful and sharpen some fuzzy ideas I had floating around in the back of my head. Alan Cox refuses to come to the US now for fear that some company will find an excuse to throw him in jail over a DMCA violation. Given what has happened to Dimitry Skylarov, I can't blame him.

You might also want to browse the replies to Alan Cox.

One of those replies points out that we're still the freest place in the world. I strongly question whether or not that will be true in 5-10 years. Already some people from other countries are wanting to get out and go back to their country.

We've not been taking the honorable path and withdrawing our troops and influence around the world, now that we're no longer the balancing superpower against the influence of another superpower. Instead, we've been taking it upon ourselves to be the world's policemen, and to continue meddling in the affairs of other countries. We're blowing our chance to avoid becoming a despotic empire.

I don't necessarily think we shouldn't be putting pressure on, and possibly going to war with Iraq. And, North Korea is a very credible threat to our own national security, and should be treated as such. But, I think we should start taking our troops out of other countries. We don't need to be everybody's buffer against the Soviet Union anymore. Our use of military force should be directly tied to the physical (not economic) security of our citizens.

We need to look to our serious problems at home. The corporate situation is as bad or worse now in this country than it was at the turn of the century. Our IP law is a travesty. And our continuous fighting of ill-defined, nebulous wars has left our civil liberties much the worse for wear. We barely have a 3rd, 4th, or 5th ammendment anymore.

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