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Power Laws - Journal of Omnifarious

Mar. 18th, 2003

01:50 am - Power Laws

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I had a really unpleasant day of frustrations, and wasted time. It was quite annoying. My hatred of QWest has deepened even further. :-)

But, one thing about today was kind of fun. I started reading a book my aunt Janet gave me for Christmas, though I didn't actually get it until Sunday. The book is Linked: The New Science of Networks.

It's a very interesting read, partly because it's about ALL kinds of self-organized networks. I'm kind of wondering about applying its principles both to my Open Source project, and to my job search, and to other things.

Strangely, there's another power law that I've always thought was kind of fun called Benford's Law. It's also nearly universally applicable to natural systems, and says some very bizarre and unintuitive things. The Fibonacci sequence follows Benford's Law almost perfectly.

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