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My day, an actual post about me - Journal of Omnifarious

Mar. 27th, 2003

05:52 pm - My day, an actual post about me

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I went to the mnsf unemployed bowling league today. It was fun, though I bowled pretty badly. I expected to and really didn't care, despite my usual competitive nature.

I also went to the Minnesota Workforce Center and did a lot of job hunting stuff. I like having a place other than my house to go to because it helps me focus on getting things done. Everything I did there I could've done at home, but it was easier to get it done there.

I'm getting a bunch of work for General Presence done as well. I'm hoping that we'll have stuff we can release this summer.

Now, I'm running off to the SlashDot meetup. Maybe somebody there will know of a place that's hiring.

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Current Music: Eagles - Seven Bridges Road