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Lots of Résumé modifying - Journal of Omnifarious

May. 13th, 2003

12:05 am - Lots of Résumé modifying

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Well, I've been doing lots of work with my résumé recently. Perhaps, if I feel really ambitious, I will modify my resume to be some interactive XML application that lets you expand and collapse all the different sections and drill down for more detail. :-) I now have a long version and a short version:

Short version
Long version

Since I have my résumé under version control, I can go back to the old version pretty easily if I've made any huge, glaring error. I also need to look at it with Internet Exploder Explorer, since IE's support of CSS leaves much to be desired.

My biggest motivation for writing a fancy XML application is the duplication of effort between the long version and the short version. I think, maybe, I will do some things with XML on my side. Maybe I'll have to create a résumé DTD. Oh! I need to mention XML as something I know stuff about.

If anybody has any comments, I'd greatly appreciate them.

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