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My week since Wednesday - Journal of Omnifarious

May. 25th, 2003

12:37 pm - My week since Wednesday

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I went to an interesting gathering on Wednesday, part of a business networking thing called NetSuds. Lots of interesting people who had interesting things to say. I met a couple of people who might be hiring. And, I got to met people who decided who to hire, not who to reject.

I also visited maatnofret in the hospital on Wednesday. She had her thyroid removed. She's doing really well. I brought her flowers. She was very worried that her voice might be adversely affected, but it hasn't been. It may sound a little different, but nothing that's permanently degraded it.

maatnofret is home today. Her mom bought a bunch of stuff for her and came buy the house. Her mom is lovable, but very strong willed. :-)

On Thursday, I helped svairini get to my house to clean out maatnofret's catbox, since I declined that job. She stayed at work really late, and had me come downtown to escort her to her car. We had a nice chat when she got to my house.

On Friday, I went down to finalize a loan I'm taking out to extend the time for which I can be unemployed without selling my house. :-( I also went out to be social in the evening.

On Saturday, I helped people online a lot and did some General Presence work. Tried to get the new version of Subversion running. It's kind of running now, but not very well.

Today, I'm hosting a small graduation party for lurana since I wasn't able to go to the official ceremony in Marshall a couple of weeks ago.

I've also been helping out people on the irc.freenode.net #c, and #c++ channels. It's good to be somewhere where I feel like people need my knowledge. I need to be careful not to let it suck all of my time away though.

Through a discussion on #c I found an interesting project called TRIAD. They're trying to do a lot of the same things that I want to do with General Presence. They have good ideas, but I have some good elaborations on those ideas. It was really amazing to see so many of my ideas reflected back at me. I know mine are the synthesis and logical conclusion of some other things floating around, but I didn't realize that anybody else had reached similar conclusions yet. I should communicate more with them. Maybe they'd send me some grant money and we could get together and implement something.

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