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Amusing game - Journal of Omnifarious

Jun. 18th, 2003

10:13 am - Amusing game

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Or, at least, I think so. It's a pyramid scheme, but since no money is involved (except for the ad banners on the website of course) it's silly instead of felonious. :-)

I do kind of wonder if the email address I used will eventually be the destination of spam. If it is, I used an email address I can turn off.

Anyway, if any of you want to click on a link and give me a dwarf, here's the link to click: Give omnifarious a dawf. You also have to click on "Click here to Continue" (which won't give away your email address). If you want to become an officer, but are leery of giving out an email address, send me some mail, and I'll give you an email address that can be turned off at a whim.

I'd be interested in an analysis of the officer/subordinate network to see if it demonstrated the same rules that many other networks, as described in Linked: The New Science of Networks.

It has the two properties that networks must possess to be governed by these laws. It grows. It exhibits preferential assignment because the people most linked to are the people who try to get the most links. Also, looking over the statistics of the players a little, there does seem to be a power law in effect, which is another signature of the large class of networks described by the book.