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Convergence 2003 - Journal of Omnifarious

Jul. 7th, 2003

07:15 pm - Convergence 2003

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I greatly enjoyed Convergence this year. It wasn't all I was hoping for, but I met a lot of old friends, made some new friends and had some interesting discussions. I also took a bunch of pictures. I may or may not post them, but I will be emailing some of them to the people who I took pictures of. :-)

Now, I'm tired. I only slept 5 hours on Thursday evening, about 3 hours on Friday evening, and 4 hours on Saturday evening, and maybe 7 hours Sunday evening. Not much sleep during the convention, and a LOT of caffeine. I'll need a day or two to recover.

Michael Sheard came back to Convergence this year. :-) He's is an amazingly energetic person, and earned his t-shirt again for volunteering. He should just move here and help run the convention. Though I think it's more fun for both he and us if he's technically a guest, despite actually doing a lot to help the convention run and be a fun place to be. :-)

Current Mood: [mood icon] tired
Current Music: Delerium - Euphoria (Firefly)