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Job in NY? - Journal of Omnifarious

Aug. 26th, 2003

10:04 am - Job in NY?

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Well, I'm in contact with a recruiter who has a lot of ins with a financial services company in NYC called Bloomberg. I would have to move to NY if I got a job with them. I'm nearly certain I would not want to move to NY permanently. I would like to maintain my house here. It's likely I'd be able to get a 50% salary jump if I worked for them, so I'm pretty sure I could afford an apartment there and a house here. If I end up being employed there I'm going to have to see what I can do about state residency and things.

Perhaps I'm counting chickens before they're hatched, but I really should think these things through carefully before I make decisions.

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Date:August 26th, 2003 10:45 am (UTC)
Good luck hon with whatever works out to the bes tfor you.
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Date:August 26th, 2003 10:57 am (UTC)

Residency and job like things...

Good luck on getting the job!! I hope that you get it.

As for residency, I think if you spend all of your time in NY it could get sticky. I know studetns can still keep residency in Mn while going other places, but they are usually around 4-5 months of the year. So I would defninitely check on that. Why is residency so important?
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Date:August 26th, 2003 01:39 pm (UTC)

Re: Residency and job like things...


I would like to continue to pay taxes here and vote here since my long-term interests lie here (for now).

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Date:August 26th, 2003 03:51 pm (UTC)
50% salary increase ? hell yeah!

which agencies & job websites do you use ?
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