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Journal of Omnifarious

Lover of Ideas

Lover of Ideas
30 July
Here's the biography from my web page:

There's not a whole lot to say that would give you any real sense of who I am. People aren't a collection of memories, beliefs or causes. People aren't a picture, or a set of physical attributes. People aren't even a collection of densely packed (relatively speaking) particles in assorted states.

People are a process. You could think of it as a process of atoms and molecules bumping together, and interacting, and you'd be correct, within that frame of reference. You could think of it as a spiritual process, a journey of growth and discovery, and you'd also be correct, within that frame of reference.

I often think people either don't know this, or forget it. People treat themselves and others as collections of attributes and values instead of an ever-changing pattern or mosaic of interaction. That is why I find it misleading to try to describe myself in static text.

If you still find yourself feeling dissatisfied with this synopsis, read it again, and think about who wrote it, what they were thinking about, and why. You should then have a reasonable snapshot of a facet of me that happened to be showing on the Gregorian calendar date of Saturday, September 6, 1997.

Yes, this an old 'biography', but I still think it apropos. That, and I would rather people get to know me by talking to me than by making judgements on set of attributes (including my memories and past) that are just a crystalization of me, much as a diamond is simply the result of a process involving immense heat and pressure deep within the earth.

In an effort to get google to consolidate my online identiy, here is a link to my ClaimID: Eric Hopper' ClaimID

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